Novel Writing Tips To Get You Started

If you are thinking about writing a novel and you are first time writer, you might be wondering how to get started. There are no hard and fast rules for writing a novel. Therefore, let your imagination run wild and get started. Here are some writing tips for your straight from some of the best novelists.

You’re The Boss
Remember the book is yours. So, start writing with what you are comfortable with. Think about stories that you would enjoy reading and start writing. Do not listen to anyone if they are asking you write in a specific manner. Write your novel the way you would like and while doing so, do not get side-tracked about things that do not fall into your scope of writing. Each person has their own style of writing. Develop your own style and get comfortable with the process of writing. If needed, do some extra research and build your knowledge about the topic you are writing about.

Always write about what you know or what you are very good at. This will help you to be interested in the writing process. in order to acquire more knowledge you could also read books on the same genre and see how other authors have the handled writing process. While doing this, remember not to get influenced about it. Do not try to write something similar and then get mixed up about our character and the character in the other book. Be clear to differentiate between the two. Ensure that whatever you are writing is believable and things that people can relate themselves with. Unless it is fantasy novel, be sure about keeping everything believable.

Identify what kind of novel you are writing. Once you have decided this, it becomes easy to identify what can be written in them. First outline you plot so that you have a plan on what to write. You can add in some plot twists in between after developing the basic plot.

I hope these tips helps you to get started with your writing process. Good Luck with your novel!

5 Most Influential Poets of All Time

We have seen a lot of poets throughout history. They might have passed away, but their words are here to stay. Poems might be very short, but they can be interpreted in many ways. They can even touch your heart and make you reflect on your life in general. Here are 5 of the most influential poets to have ever walked the Earth.

1. Rumi

This poet is believed to be the most popular poet in the United States. He is also considered at the bestselling poet in the country. His works have been embraced by scholars from around the world. He can tackle any topic like religion, politics and science. He can hit the note right on the head. His ability to compress his thoughts but not lose sight of the meaning he wants to convey is just impressive.

2. Li Po

This prolific poet has earned the name of the great poet of drunkenness. In fact, of the 1,000 poems attributed to him, 998 were about wine while the other 2 involved his sadness about not having wine. Although the theme of his poem circles around wines, he still has the ability to discuss a myriad of topics, including life, death, friendship and nature. He was even heroic with his ability to discuss controversial topics, including political ones.

3. Emily Dickinson

You might have hidden under a rock if you don’t know Emily Dickinson. She is definitely one of the greatest poets of all time. Her work is just beyond compare. She was also ahead of her time. In fact, scholars have just started to understand fully what she meant with the poems she had written. She had the ability to compress her message in such a dense and rich way. She was also quite elusive in nature when it comes to her poems, which made her even better.

4. Wallace Stevens

When it comes to abstract poetry, no one beats this guy. His poems can be interpreted in many ways and often times, misinterpreted. He spoke a language that was quite difficult to understand. He never became afraid experimenting in his style, making his creations totally outstanding.

5. Colette Bryce 

Colette is one of the best Irish poets, especially of the younger generation of poets. People loved Bryce because of how certain topics are discussed in the poem. Issues involving the nation, family, love and loyalty have been bravely discussed in the poems.

These people have created something great over the years and are definitely worth our salute!

Why Should You Wear Comfortable Clothes When Writing?

Why Should You Wear Comfortable Clothes When WritingWriting is not an easy process. You just can’t sit on one side and expect ideas to keep flowing. Writers have their way of coming up with a masterpiece. There are those who can think better when traveling. Others prefer watching other people to be inspired. Some others want to just stay on their bed and start writing.

The environment has to be conducive for writing first to make it easier for these writers to come up with great ideas. Otherwise, nothing will come out of their mind no matter how they force themselves to write.
The clothes you wear when writing also affects the flow of ideas. It is important that you are totally comfortable with what you wear. Again, the definition of comfortable depends on the writer. There are writers who feel better when they wear formal clothes while writing on a huge desk. Some others would rather wear sweat pants and a loose shirt. There is really no standard. The key is to be comfortable with what you wear.

Focus is the key

When writing, it is essential to get lost with the story. You have to be in your element. The moment your body is already carried away by the story, you won’t notice that you have already written several pages. Before you know it, you are done.

The problem is when you are not wearing comfortable clothes. You may be more conscious with what you wear instead of being focused on what you are writing. Avoid itchy clothes or clothes that are too tight. Wear shorts if you want to feel really comfortable. Even if you are writing in a public space, it doesn’t matter. You can even wear slippers if they make you feel more relaxed.

Be inspired

Some writers think better if they fully imbibe the character. It means that if the main character is a corporate lawyer, they also dress like one. They wear formal clothes and black leather shoes like the ones you’ll find at The clothes give them a deeper connection with the character. Hence, even if they look crazy going to places wearing clothes that don’t depict who they really are, they don’t mind. Aside from wearing these clothes, they also visit places that could also inspire them in creating the setting in the story.

No pressure

Being a writer is all about expression. No one should dictate to you what is right or wrong. Your process in writing must be respected. It is your way of coming up with a masterpiece.

Even if you are working for a publishing house and are required to show up in an office, make sure that you are not bound to their rules. If they can’t give you the freedom to choose what to wear, imagine what other rules they have in place. Perhaps, they will get too deep with your storyline until a point when you no longer know what the story is or where it is leading you to. Don’t allow this to happen. You are the writer. Your ideas must ultimately prevail.

Quick Steps For Short-Story Writing

Writing a short-story is as difficult as writing a novel. The challenge while writing a short-story is how you manage to convey everything within the narrow space you have.

While it sounds difficult, it is certainly easy to manage. Here is how you can get started with a short story.

Like everyone says, the first step towards writing a story is to read one. Read more short stories and see how the writers have handled the story. Understanding the aspects of the story such as character design and the plot will help you to get a picture of what to do.

Even before writing the actual story, write a summary of what the story is about and the kind of impact you would like to crate. Create a core element of your story that you can develop on. Write down characters and one line descriptions for reference.

When you start writing, focus on the first paragraph of your story. Getting through this will be your first challenge. Once you are happy with the first paragraph, you can write the rest of them at ease. DO not worry about the outcome and keep writing.

Editing and rewriting any parts that did not come out well is crucial. This makes you feel satisfied about your work. Create a draft version and improvise from there.

Short-stories take up less time to read and helps you attract a larger audience.

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