Month: May 2016

Tips For A Great Short-Story

Short-stories are easy to write and can have a big impact that you had expected. Novels take a long time to read whereas a short story can have similar impact and more people read becuase it takes lesser time. Here are some tips for you to write a short story.

Decide what your main character is about. Work around your main character and weave the story around it. Build your main character well by adding moral aspects, the way character behaves, what he stands for etc. By doing this, you need not work hard about what actions to take. The character itself will guide you towards it. Remember to add specific detailing and intersting aspects that keep the readers hooked to the story.

A story is a record of what the author feels and what kind of feeling the readers feel while reading the story. You can add your real-life experiences and how you managed to handle similar situations to move your story ahead. If needed, keep a notebook handy and write down the plot twist and emotions you would like each character to show so that you can follow writing easily.

Writing a short story could be the first step towards writing a novel. Get started small and create a larger impact with your words.