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How To Design Your Novel?

Writing a novel is not as easy as reading it. If it were that easy, we’d all be novelists by now. There are so many things that goes into writing a novel. Many people give you various tips and ideas of writing a novel.

Now, I am writing you some tips that has helped me with novel writing. There are no rules for writing a novel. But these tips helped me get through writing my first one.

Designing Your Novel
Good stories do not happen. You have to make them happen with wonderful design. Designing makes the writing process easier and yields better results. It is a lot of work to get the designing perfect.

Start your novel with small stuff. Then build-up your story based on these small design elements. This helps you to get your creativity organised and structure your novel.

It is very important to think about what to write and accumulate as much information as you can regarding the topic. This research will come in handy when you are writing a detailed novel. Allow your characters to speak to you and give you directions for designing your novel.

Get your ideas organized into a piece of paper and then think about which one you can choose. Take a lot of time to write the first part of your novel. Writing your first sentence and getting started is a crucial part. Keep each sentence not more than 15 words. at first, stick to description of each character rather than giving names. It helps you to remember the character better.

After writing your first line, it must be easy for you to move on with building the character and writing more. Keep a story board beside your writing area so that you know the character’s name, story line, nature of the character, goal of the character, the character’s beliefs etc. Do this for each character so that you do not get carried away.

Again, these are just ideas that can get you started. How exactly you want the novel to turn out is certainly in your hands. Get started and have fun writing your story.

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Novel Writing Tips To Get You Started

If you are thinking about writing a novel and you are first time writer, you might be wondering how to get started. There are no hard and fast rules for writing a novel. Therefore, let your imagination run wild and get started. Here are some writing tips for your straight from some of the best novelists.

You’re The Boss
Remember the book is yours. So, start writing with what you are comfortable with. Think about stories that you would enjoy reading and start writing. Do not listen to anyone if they are asking you write in a specific manner. Write your novel the way you would like and while doing so, do not get side-tracked about things that do not fall into your scope of writing. Each person has their own style of writing. Develop your own style and get comfortable with the process of writing. If needed, do some extra research and build your knowledge about the topic you are writing about.

Always write about what you know or what you are very good at. This will help you to be interested in the writing process. in order to acquire more knowledge you could also read books on the same genre and see how other authors have the handled writing process. While doing this, remember not to get influenced about it. Do not try to write something similar and then get mixed up about our character and the character in the other book. Be clear to differentiate between the two. Ensure that whatever you are writing is believable and things that people can relate themselves with. Unless it is fantasy novel, be sure about keeping everything believable.

Identify what kind of novel you are writing. Once you have decided this, it becomes easy to identify what can be written in them. First outline you plot so that you have a plan on what to write. You can add in some plot twists in between after developing the basic plot.

I hope these tips helps you to get started with your writing process. Good Luck with your novel!

Great Tips For Writing A Novel

If you are an aspiring story writer, now is the time to start writing your story. Don’t have a story yet? Or Not sure how to start the writing process? Here are some tips that will help you to get your story across to your readers.

Write A Story You are More Excited About
Most people write a story just because it might become a best seller. Instead, think about some books you love. Stories that made you lose yourself in them. It could be a certain story style or a genre that you might be interested in. Writing about something you love or in a style you love makes the entire process of writing more enjoyable. There is no need to push yourself to write as you are looking forward to it.

Develop A Good Character
Important part of the story are the characters that are involved in it. Work on you characters and make them convincing. Allow your characters to direct the course of your story. Create an impact with the characters you have created. Always make decisions depending on the nature of the character and create scenarios accordingly.

Weave A Problem
Create a problem that your character is challenged about, this could be something small or big such as being chased by a madman with a chainsaw (example here). Help your character tackle the problem in the best possible manner. The way the character deals with the problem creates a big impression on the reader. Therefore, think well and plan on these. Consider the question “What would this character do?” when finding solutions.

Make Things Happen
Having he greatest characters and writing them beautifully would not suffice. The story should not fall flat on the face of the readers. Make sure that something exciting is happening in each chapter. Cut the parts of the story that are not contributing in any manner. Write down the chapters and read them from the reader’s point of view and see if the story is moving forward. If you feel like some parts are pulling the story back, remove them.

Happy Story Writing!