Mary's Boy Child | specials | December, 24th 2010 by Del

Zombie Nativity Story: Mary’s Boy Child

by Wayne Simmons

Read by: Danie Ware
First appeared in: Dark Fiction Magazine
Duration: 7:29
File size: 7mb

Happy Christmas!
Have you opened all your presents yet? Well hold on then, we have a Christmas gift for you as well.
“Mary’s Boy Child” by Wayne Simmons, read by Danie Ware, will be released in a comic book version on Boxing Day at Dark Fiction Magazine is proud to bring you the exclusive audio version of Wayne’s alternative nativity story.
You might want to think about getting the kids and the in-laws to clamp their hands over their ears for this one!
The Dark Fiction Magazine team wishes everyone the happiest of festivities. We’ll catch you again at New Year.



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