Quick Steps For Short-Story Writing

Writing a short-story is as difficult as writing a novel. The challenge while writing a short-story is how you manage to convey everything within the narrow space you have.

While it sounds difficult, it is certainly easy to manage. Here is how you can get started with a short story.

Like everyone says, the first step towards writing a story is to read one. Read more short stories and see how the writers have handled the story. Understanding the aspects of the story such as character design and the plot will help you to get a picture of what to do.

Even before writing the actual story, write a summary of what the story is about and the kind of impact you would like to crate. Create a core element of your story that you can develop on. Write down characters and one line descriptions for reference.

When you start writing, focus on the first paragraph of your story. Getting through this will be your first challenge. Once you are happy with the first paragraph, you can write the rest of them at ease. DO not worry about the outcome and keep writing.

Editing and rewriting any parts that did not come out well is crucial. This makes you feel satisfied about your work. Create a draft version and improvise from there.

Short-stories take up less time to read and helps you attract a larger audience.

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Improving Your Vocabulary Every Day

Many people are interested in learning new words and not sure how to get started. The more a person reads, the more he learns is a true fact. The way a word is used is what helps us to remember the words. With our busy schedules, not everyone has time to read and spend time learning new words. Here are some tips for those who are looking for quick fire methods:

First tip is that you must be interested to learn new words. Once the interest turns into passion, you automatically look for opportunities from which you can learn. Learning new words should be your first priority. Make a promise to learn one word every day. You can make use of various tools or apps that are available to get this done.

Start by learning words that are practical to use. For example, if you work in the banking sector, learning more words on that sector will help in using the words that you have learnt. Go beyond learning jargons or complicated words. Find fresh and clear words that can express what you are feeling without confusing the listener.

Start learning from where you are. If you are reading a book and not sure about what a particular word means, do not skip. Use a dictionary or an online app where you can find their meaning. Start using them again in your conversations.

Think about learning words as a game. Promise yourself to use the words that you are learning immediately. This way, you will not forget anything you have learnt. Write a flashcard or a stick a note on your desk about the words you are learning. Don’t forget quality sleep as well, studies show you need it to remember things properly. So don’t skimp on the quality of that mattress!

Practice makes everyone perfect. Therefore, an important key towards learning new words is using them every day. This way you can learn hundreds of words each year and over a period of time you will have a better vocabulary than you had expected.

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How To Design Your Novel?

Writing a novel is not as easy as reading it. If it were that easy, we’d all be novelists by now. There are so many things that goes into writing a novel. Many people give you various tips and ideas of writing a novel.

Now, I am writing you some tips that has helped me with novel writing. There are no rules for writing a novel. But these tips helped me get through writing my first one.

Designing Your Novel
Good stories do not happen. You have to make them happen with wonderful design. Designing makes the writing process easier and yields better results. It is a lot of work to get the designing perfect.

Start your novel with small stuff. Then build-up your story based on these small design elements. This helps you to get your creativity organised and structure your novel.

It is very important to think about what to write and accumulate as much information as you can regarding the topic. This research will come in handy when you are writing a detailed novel. Allow your characters to speak to you and give you directions for designing your novel.

Get your ideas organized into a piece of paper and then think about which one you can choose. Take a lot of time to write the first part of your novel. Writing your first sentence and getting started is a crucial part. Keep each sentence not more than 15 words. at first, stick to description of each character rather than giving names. It helps you to remember the character better.

After writing your first line, it must be easy for you to move on with building the character and writing more. Keep a story board beside your writing area so that you know the character’s name, story line, nature of the character, goal of the character, the character’s beliefs etc. Do this for each character so that you do not get carried away.

Again, these are just ideas that can get you started. How exactly you want the novel to turn out is certainly in your hands. Get started and have fun writing your story.

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