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Great Tips For Writing A Novel

If you are an aspiring story writer, now is the time to start writing your story. Don’t have a story yet? Or Not sure how to start the writing process? Here are some tips that will help you to get your story across to your readers.

Write A Story You are More Excited About
Most people write a story just because it might become a best seller. Instead, think about some books you love. Stories that made you lose yourself in them. It could be a certain story style or a genre that you might be interested in. Writing about something you love or in a style you love makes the entire process of writing more enjoyable. There is no need to push yourself to write as you are looking forward to it.

Develop A Good Character
Important part of the story are the characters that are involved in it. Work on you characters and make them convincing. Allow your characters to direct the course of your story. Create an impact with the characters you have created. Always make decisions depending on the nature of the character and create scenarios accordingly.

Weave A Problem
Create a problem that your character is challenged about, this could be something small or big such as being chased by a madman with a chainsaw (example here). Help your character tackle the problem in the best possible manner. The way the character deals with the problem creates a big impression on the reader. Therefore, think well and plan on these. Consider the question “What would this character do?” when finding solutions.

Make Things Happen
Having he greatest characters and writing them beautifully would not suffice. The story should not fall flat on the face of the readers. Make sure that something exciting is happening in each chapter. Cut the parts of the story that are not contributing in any manner. Write down the chapters and read them from the reader’s point of view and see if the story is moving forward. If you feel like some parts are pulling the story back, remove them.

Happy Story Writing!