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Improve Your Vocabulary With Simple Steps

Learning new words helps you to communicate better and in a clear manner. A better vocabulary in turn leads to better conversations. Whether you are trying to improve your vocabulary or trying to strengthen your vocabulary for personal growth, it is good habit and one that requires lot of commitment.

Reading is one of the best ways to improve your vocabulary. The more you read, the more you learn. Literary works and novels are a great source because each write uses words they are comfortable with. That way, you tend to learn more and get exposed to newer combination of words too.

Using A Dictionary Or Thesaurus
Dictionary or thesaurus is available as an app these days. Regardless of the version you use, dictionary is the best way to check out what new words mean and how you can use them when you speak or write. Getting to know similar words helps in remembering the new words easily.

Keep track of the new words you are learning so that you can go back to the list and slowly introduce them to use every day. Also, journal reinforces usage of new words you have learnt.

Learn One At A Time 
There are many websites that can give you a new word to learn every day. Try some of them and go word by word. This approach is best for someone who do not want to keep looking for the sake of learning.

Playing word games can help improving your vocabulary to a greater extent. There are so many apps such as scrabble, word search where you can play and learn as you go. You can also play with players from other countries and try different combinations while gaming. This is a fun way to improve your vocabulary.

Engage In Conversations
Speak to lot of people who are good at English. You can always learn from what others are doing and speaking to them is the best every way. It registers much faster than learning them from a book or app. Listen keenly to the kind of words the other person is using.