specials | The Devil in Chains | January, 17th 2011 by Del

Story: The Devil in Chains

by Adam Christopher

Read by: Emma Newman
First appeared in: Pantechnicon


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Original Release schedule:
Episode 1: 17th Jan 2011 8pm (GMT)
Episode 2: 18th Jan 2011 8pm (GMT)
Episode 3: 19th Jan 2011 8pm (GMT)
Episode 4: 20th Jan 2011 8pm (GMT)
Episode 5: 21th Jan 2011 8pm (GMT)

About Adam Christopher
Adam Christopher is a steampunk, SF and superhero fiction writer born in Auckland, New Zealand. In 2006, he moved to the sunny North West of England, where he lives in domestic bliss with wife and cat in a house next to a canal. Adam’s short fiction has appeared in Pantechnicon and Hub magazine and various places online. He is currently working on his fifth novel.

When not writing Adam can be found drinking tea and obsessing over Dark Shadows, DC Comics, and 60s Doctor Who. Adam is also very bad at épée but knows that Thibault cancels out Capa Ferro, unless the enemy has studied his Agrippa. Which he has.

Adam’s website is, and he can be found loitering on Twitter as @ghostfinder (

About Emma Newman
Emma drinks too much tea, has too many ideas and writes too many stories. Only one of these is true. Her debut novel ’20 Years Later’ will be published in 2011 by Dystopia Press. She blogs and gets up to all kinds of writing mischief at

Emma fell in love with audio book narration when podcasting ’20 Years Later’ prior to her publishing deal. Since then she has recorded audio books for multi-media publisher Big Bad Media and has narrated short stories for fiction podcasts. To find out more about her voice work go to where you can also listen to a couple of quirky flash stories written by emerging writers. Emma loves recording speculative fiction, science fiction and steampunk.

Emma’s first short story anthology ‘From Dark Places’ has recently been acquired by another publisher and is slated for release in early 2011. If you like dark short stories, join Em’s Short Story Club ( to get an original short story for free in your inbox every month.

Emma can be found on Twitter as @emapocalyptic (